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Oort Welcomes Helium Hotspots on its Decentralized Edge Network

Oort DEN, Powered by Deimos and now Helium Hotspots

Oort is proud to announce that all Helium hotspots can now join and increase the network bandwidth of Oort DEN. This collaboration with and Helium manufacturers will facilitate faster data services for Oort users while boosting income for HNT miners.

Founded by Professor Pramod Viswanath from Princeton University and Professor Himanshu Tyagi from the Indian Institute of Science, Witness Chain is a proof system for decentralized networks such as Helium, Pollen, and XNET. Now integrated with Oort DEN, Witness Chain’s proof of bandwidth algorithm will verify and ensure the quality and security of the Helium hotspots’ performance. Their decentralized speed tests provide trust-free verification of connection speed for hotspots.

How Different Types of Devices Can Contribute to Oort DEN


Deimos contributes storage and compute capabilities

HNT Devices

HNT hotspots contribute to the bandwidth

For Prospective Oort DEN Miners

In Oort’s upcoming testnet, Ascraeus, miners are free to choose from or obtain both Deimos and Helium hotspots. Details will be released soon.

For HNT Manufacturers

If you are interested in joining Oort’s ecosystem or have a fitting candidate in mind, please contact us at .

About Oort

Oort is the data infrastructure for the next billion Web3 users. Featuring a user-centric design, Oort offers full-service decentralized data solutions that developers and users can quickly master without knowing a thing about Web3.

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