Day 1

1 June 2017

Today we went to fablab in university of Bremen where we will work in there about two months. Michael brought us to greet people in the department (computer science) where located in 8th floor of the different building. He also brought us to the student international center for picking up the student card. After that, we went back to the fablab and explored about calliope. We got all the information from and explored functions of the calliope by using which is the website that let us control the calliope through the block. Using the block is simple, I just drag and drop the function that I want. When finishing with the block, I download it and copy to the calliope. We had some problem that is we cannot understand German language. So, we make the website translate to English. I made the LED and sound of calliope worked by shaking, tending to left and right, logo top and down, and pressing button. My friend made the calliope as a counter by pressing button A for adding and button B for subtracting, and also try to test the free fall function by pretending that the calliope is falling down. The result was that the free fall function worked.

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