Day 27–31

10–14 July 2017

This week I fix all of the bugs and error test case of scripts that I made last week which are Ch1Level2 and ChLevel6 and did new scripts which are Ch2Level1 and Ch4Level2.

In chapter 2 level 1, it teaches a player about the input command which is ‘wen Knopf A gedruckt’ or when press button A. In chapter 4 level 2, it teaches a player about logic command which is ‘wenn-dann’ or if-else and using temperature as an input condition. The structure of every scripts are almost the same that is step by step. The differences of each script depends on the instruction and error test cases that I found. After I done with the logical parts, I passed to my friend to put in the animation.

We also had presentation on Thursday (13 July 2017) and this time the program was working correctly.

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