Day 3

6 June 2017

Today we worked on exploring more details about micro:bit and calliope especially communication with radio signals and Bluetooth. The radio signal is sent by broadcasting. The signal will be received by the calliopes or micro:bit that assign in the same group using ‘set group’ block. If we don’t set the group, every calliopes or micro:bit that have the same code will receive the signal. In case that we assigned groups, the first 8 bits of the signal indicates the group. If we want to send the signal to specific calliope or micro:bit, we have to write the code in separate cases. We can pair the micro:bit with our mobile phone by using the micro:bit application for control mobile phone through the micro:bit or control the micro:bit through the mobile phone. Moreover, the calliope can also communicate with the micro:bit by using the signal.

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