Day 5

8 June 2017

Yesterday night, we brainstorming about the project topic that we want to implement in the internship and get 2 ideas. So, today we presented our ideas to Michale and other persons in the department. The first idea is a tree assistant. It uses calliope as a center of sensor to get the environment of the plant such as humidity, light, and temperature. The calliope will send data to the phone application via Bluetooth. The application will be like a chat interface to communicate with user about the specific plant. The second idea is to use calliopes as a wearable device for video games. The calliopes will communicate with each other and the center calliope via radio signal. The center calliope will get data and send directly to the laptop via USB. We will use Unity to implement the game and game interface. The persons from department like the second idea so, we will implement the second idea as a project for the internship. Me and my friend learned about how to use a Unity from Unity tutorial. We started to implement 24 game in the calliopes and founded that the radio signal is not that stable and the distance between a calliope and the center calliope affect to the result. The radio signal can collide with the signal sending from another calliope. My friend also implemented Simon game which players have to remember the characters sending from the main calliope.

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