Once upon a time, not so very long ago, and not so very far away, there was a wonderful world called Cloud. At the centre of Cloud stood the great city of Ppouc and scattered around it were many smaller towns and villages.

Ppouc had stood proud and still for millennia. Nothing seemed to affect the life and beliefs of the people. In contrast, the surrounding towns and villages popped up and disappeared all the time. Each one more rich, colourful and vibrant than the last.

Sometimes the children of Ppouc looked out with awe and yearning. “I wonder what…

When a large percentage of a population is vaccinated, the unvaccinated percentage can in many cases (measles for example) receive indirect protection from infection. This is called herd immunity. Those that cannot be vaccinated for age or health reasons rely on it. But herd immunity can break down very quickly and non-linearly as the vaccinated percentage decreases.

What a wonderful thing it is then, to be able to vaccinate our children, not just to protect them, but those around them that are too young to be completely vaccinated or cannot be vaccinated for health reasons. What a wonderful gift herd…

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