#Outlander, what is happening with the men on your show?

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#Outlander season 2 opener. I wasn’t even going to watch. A bit burned out on #Outlander, I wasn’t even really all that enthused about season 2. The burnout thing was totally my fault. Way too many hours spent on Twitter obsessing over every little detail of my newly found guilty pleasure.

My thing with this show is, I don’t get if I am actually supposed to be rooting for the Jamie/Claire relationship or not. Is this show about Claire loving two men from two different times or is show about Claire getting to have two men from two different times? Those are two distinct things. Especially if she discovers she can travel at will sometime in the future.

The thing is, neither male lead character is overly rootable. Frank seems controlling and prone to violent outbursts. Jamie seems overshadowed by Claire. Weak. A sort of tortured soul. Never quite reaching the point of contentment for more than a very short period of time. Not exactly alpha male, “take me straight to bed right now” material to be honest.

In addition, the show doesn’t really give me what I want as far as a relationship where Jamie and Claire are concerned. We got a spare 20 minutes of screen time between the two of them after a very long break and some very traumatic events. None of it spent on them. Hardly a word about their relationship or their baby passes between the two of them. Weird.

Claire spent a solid 30 minutes with Frank, where they spent a long while talking and by the end of it all, they are back together despite the fact that he came within a hair’s breath of punching her knowing full well she is pregnant. Strange.

It’s an odd show with no really rootable male counterpart to the very strong female lead. Claire and her boy toys. Maybe she will pick up a few more at the French court. The Comte looks game for just about anything and he already hates her. Perfect fodder for some sparks.

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