Sublimity — Photography by +Anton Gorlin As I said in one of the previous photos, it was a gloomy and sad, windy and rainy morning with all shades of grey around. After wandering some time around we even thought of leaving, even more so that the Sun was already up and hence the beautiful pre dawn time was already wasted.. But I had a gut feeling it could turn out well after all. So I decided to have one final walk across the beach. 
And then kaboom, gap has opened in the heavy clouds. The Sun was already up, so the colors painted clouds and the sea in seconds.
For those interested in technical details, this is one horizontal photo for the bottom and 5 or 6 verticals for the clouds. — Anton Gorlin
 Nikon D750, Tamron 15–30 / 2.8

#seascapephotography #sunset #beach

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