“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

This quote of Mahatma Gandhi is one of the driving factors behind the efforts of our team. We are trying to change the world and we enjoy every second of it. What are you doing to make the world a better place?

As the Opakeco Foundation is moving towards its biggest milestone since its inception, we have some major announcements!


Partnership with Charities

Let’s start with Village by Village and Slave Free Trade, two charities we have chosen to act as pilot projects on the Opakeco Platform.

Two completely different charities with one common denominator: They are not afraid of transparency and accountability. If you are part of a charity and would like to partner up with our foundation, reach out to me at akash@opakeco.org.

Partnership with HSB Identification

We are really excited to announce our partnership with HSB Identification. Together with HSB Identification, we are developing a platform for donors to send aid to verified charities, via a low-cost point-of-sale solution that can be used to transact in the field, leveraging on HSB’s Social Safety Net product. They are in a unique position to swiftly and safely deliver aid to any country, securing the entire chain from the donor until the beneficiary.

We leverage cryptocurrencies and biometrics to give donors the guarantee that the money being sent out reaches individuals chosen carefully and transparently, based on standard targeting methodologies. For each new registered beneficiary, we carry out an accurate duplicate search — based on biometrics — before creating a personal wallet of cryptocurrency” says Jerome Buchler, Business Development VP at HSB.

Featured at WebSummit 2017

Websummit is the biggest tech conference in the world. We are one of the very few selected foundations that are being featured at the 2017 WebSummit in Lisbon. With attendees ranging from Al Gore to Wyclef Jean, we will certainly have some interesting conversations in Lisbon.

Evercoin to list Karmo Tokens

We have are in discussions with Miko Matsumura to list our Karmo tokens on Evercoin. We are making an agreement and we expect to have our tokens on this exchange shortly after our ICO ends.

Renewed Opakeco website and Github update

We gave our minimalistic website a major overhaul. Because we are moving closer to our ICO date (only 2 days left!), we feel this is a more appealing way of presenting information about the ICO.

Because of popular demand we have translated our website in Korean and the Hindi version is coming soon!

We have updated our Github to reflect changes we’ve made to the contracts and website. There still is a bounty program in place, so grab this opportunity to earn up to 33 ETH worth of tokens by auditing our contracts.

We ran a test on mainnet today and will deploy contracts later this evening. We have also added a contribution section to the website. Our ICO Address will be published on our website on 31th of September.

I am looking forward to a succesful ICO, let us teach the world that charity has a place within the crypto-ecosystem.

We are here to stay.

Akash Parmesar

Crypthusiast, Philanthropist and Co-Founder of Opakeco


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