20th April 2015

I saw a girl play with a cat today, not too far from my house. The girl was about my age, seemed rather playful and nice.

Nice girl, really.

But of course that’s just an aura, an impression.

On that note, it’s still quite intriguing how Ai Xuan can recognise people’s colours. Perhaps what I do when I observe people?

But, all in all, she seemed like a overall nice positive girl. Nice to have known her.

On another note, Andrew Lim told the school how school was a such a big part of our life right now that we might as well treat it as our whole life.

Now, that’s a little shallow and disgusting.

I don’t think I can emphasise enough how school is just a peripheral part of my life. School is stress, school is an annoyance sometimes. What’s the point of having stress envelop your life?

Weekends and observing strangers and analysing people is what keeps me going.

Interaction, observance, intrigue. That’s what matters most.

The only thing that keeps me happy and satisfied every day is that I can do it again every weekend or more.

People are intriguing, schoolbooks are a chore.

Quite an abrupt end yes, but I ran out of things to say.

But about books, I like how Waterland is going. The concepts are nice, and the characters are intriguing.

Probably going to tackle Lolita next. Somehow it seems relatable so yes then.

Books, people, and peace, flow. The things that keep me going.

Just sitting down and letting everything flow past. That’s the way I want to live now. Nothing to stress about. Stress is only what you perceive.

So, that’s another day.

It’s another day of feeling good. A subtle happiness and satisfaction.

And a new stranger. A new visitor. A new memory. All’s good.

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