24th April 2015

Now did anything interesting even happen to me today? Did it?

Okay I think not, so why is the date even my title? Questions, questions, the ever so required yet burdensome questions. Why, Who, How, so?

sub-sections, subsets, mathematics. jumble, jumble, all a mumble.

Intriguing Relatives/ Relativity

They’re all in it for the money, aren’t they? Or are they?

Does the blood running through their veins matter? Does the blood running through my veins matter?

Are they caring, do they care? Is the trust and belief unwarranted or am I not reciprocating the concern they show?

Who are they?

Or shall they remain a irrelevance, a untouched corner as they’ve always been?

“yesssssssssss” the animal whispers.

Why is relativity even in my title anyway? confusing.

Ernest, Ms Choy and oh I haven’t talked to anyone in a long time

I feel the importance of my role slowing slipping through my fingers. Ho, ho should I have just anticipated this anyway?

Well, yes of course I did, of course. Analytical Phone, Smart Phone, Guessing everyone and everything Phone, Traversing around Europe with friends Phone, the ever so desired Phone.

Well, it’s happening, real, visible (well sort of).

When was the last time I talked to her? Okay, no matter the value, it’s been preeetty long.

Floating between more and just.

There is no middle ground, yes or no, black or white. It’s all one big mess.

I’m becoming a horrible student. No, am a horrible student.

What kind of student am I? What kind of person am I/ do I want to be to her?

I’m failing. How do I stop this? Can I?

Does she notice or are these one way thoughts, only in one mind?

One way. Expressway. Cars. License Plates. I remember. No matter. Irrelevance. No Concern. try to fail or try too hard.

and oh, I think she likes Ernest. Likes him quite a lot. oh, well.

“all natural. don’t worry. it’s like this for everyone”

a silver lining?

First few messages in a long time?

Microphone. Staff Room. Sought and not found. Notify.

“Thanks a lot!! ☺”

tyqn99, or natalie as you may know

Oh, we are drifting. Far, further away.

What are we? A mess? A dump? A sinking ship?


down, down, down. up and down.

is the care still present? or is it silent as you are to me?

silent yet ever present?

I used to/still do/might have/might still do/will/unconditionally/inexplicably like you.

what’s the meaning of like anyway?

do I feel happy tonight? Perhaps I do. No reason to not to. And I’m meeting Wen Hui on Sunday anyway. Huge positive.