books, mainly

It’s strange how there is a stark contrast between commercial and private. Of course, these are just terms of convenience and not much more.

And of course, this is in the terms of bookshops. What else could you expect from me?

For bookshops such as Kinokuniya and (the even worse) Times, things seem so .. mechanised. The process is just pick a book -> queue -> buy -> leave. There isn’t much space or time for personal interaction. Or to at least make the process of buying books more meaningful.

Not to take anything away from Kinokuniya. The ambience of an empty Kinokuniya more than makes up for it.

The dichotomy of this has to be BooksActually. In that small confined space, I’m perpetually within earshot of the booksellers. And my eyes meet with any of them, a smile is always shared. Between complete strangers.

Conversations are completely normal and they are informal, relaxed, friend-like. The informality of the comments around the bookshop also adds to the comfortable and cosy atmosphere of the whole place.

And when buying something, a conversation is almost always had. Which is beautiful, really.

These small, almost unnoticeable but striking details are absent in most places and societies nowadays.

And that makes these interactions all the more precious.

After all, is it so hard to make a stranger’s day or make them smile?

Plus this internship programme is starting to confuse my ideas.

Of course, science and biology are still interesting. And the logical answer to what I would want to do in the future would be that. And it would be a good rational decision. And the logical decision would be to intern for something related to that.

But, recently, I find that I find joy from observing booksellers. The opportunity to be surrounded by books, the opportunity to interact with a myriad of people.

And to look further into the future, if I pursue the science path, the latter will be completely blocked off to me.

But nearer to the present, I have no idea whether I should intern for the goal or the love.

But more realistically, I could just intern for the former and seek a part time job with all the time I have for the latter.


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