15 minute pieces

Her face was a subtle beauty, like a small private beach that only you knew the serenity and allure of. Her facial features were like gentle waves rolling on the shore, gently carressing and whitewashing all the other insignificant flaws.

Her expression was one of serenity. Like a strong yet subdued autumn wind rushing through the forest, reminding the fluttering leaves of their existence and bringing to life an already beautiful greenery.

Her words were like the rolling and crashing waves. Beautiful if understood well, gently guiding you back to safe shores. The rolls and crests a safe haven for all. However, destructive and drowning if taken wrongly, dragging you deep into unknown waters, before leaving you all alone, in the chilly desolation of unending water.

Her silence was serenity in all forms. Like a clearing in a sparse forest, letting light filter in from all directions, absorbing and taking in all of its innumerable hues.

Though she, herself, was nothing at all.

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