How To Revamp Your Dirt Bike Which Has Been Ideal For Long Time

So are you planning to make a U turn, towards your dirt bike ? If yes, then this article is surely going to help you in every manner. Maybe you were busy with your tight schedule or have been magnetically attached with the internet based shows. Now after realising that a long year has been passed, since you last kickstart your bike. To get your dirt bike to function smoothly on the roads without even a bit hindrance, here we populate the tips and tricks to rejuvenate your bike :

Replace filters and fluids

If the bike has been unused for a prolonged time period, you wouldn’t be able to recall the last time you’ve changed the oil and the filter along with the coolant and the air filter too. So you need to know that each fluid has a specific amount of time period after that it’s viscosity level continues to decline. Hence, it becomes mandatory to change the fluid so that the engine parts does not get worn out of friction. If you continue to use this oil then there is high level of probability that some of the inner mechanical parts may get distorted. Make sure you don’t avoid replacing the brake fluid, for better grip.

Fill up the fuel tank

If you’ve run out of fuel and your tank is vacuumed then you might consider yourself fortunate. If there is still some amount of fuel left in the tank, there of course you might have forgot to add fuel stabilizer. And the fuel which is stagnant in the entire pipeline might have become gummy. If the quality of the fuel is better, than ofcourse you can free yourself from all the hazards related to cleaning. If all the parts connected to the combustion chamber i.e fuel tank and exhaust pipe is clear, then you can conclude that almost 50% of the cleaning process is done.

Change tyres

Apart from the mechanical portions, the condition of the tyres should not be overlooked. Usually cheap dirt bike stand can break your femur. So make sure that the integrity of the stand is maintained. If the tires are stuck on the ground for a longer duration, than their solidity level is lost.


Shock absorbers are what can relieve you from a high degree of back pain. Check all the seals that connected to the suspension. The flow of excessive oil is a mark that there is some kind of crack beneath or at the top of the suspension.


Apply grease or oil to the parts which are responsible for causing friction force, this includes clutch cable, chain, levers, bearings and cables too.

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