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In this post, I show how to classify consumer complaints text into these categories: Debt collection, Consumer Loan, Mortgage, Credit card, Credit reporting, Student loan, Bank account or service, Payday loan, Money transfers, Other financial service, Prepaid card.

This kind of model will be very useful for a customer service department that wants to classify the complaints they receive from their customers. The classification of the issues they have received into buckets will help the department to provide customized solutions to the customers in each group.

This model can also be expanded into a system, that can recommend automatic solutions…

Easy Steps to Access Kaggle Datasets in Colab

In this tutorial, I show how to download kaggle datasets into google colab. Kaggle has been and remains the de factor platform to try your hands on data science projects. The platform has huge rich free datasets for machine learning projects.

Another product from google, the company behind kaggle is colab, a platform suitable for training machine learning models and deep neural network free of charge without any installation requirement. One key thing that makes colab a game changer, especially for people who do not own GPU laptop is that users have the option to train their models with free…

Exploring the Causes of Death of Soccer Players

SPARQL and Python Tutorial

Maritzburg United in shock after player Ntshangase passes away. Credit: Times Live

As we watch soccer players exhibit their skills on the pitch at the world cup stage, we would think these players are healthy in all sense, given the amount of work they put in before and during each game. Health experts advise, exercising is paramount for avoiding many diseases. In that context, I wondered what is the impact of exercise on sports men and women, and in particular, soccer players.

These questions cannot be answered for players currently playing in the game because I do not have access to their medical records so I decided to…

Albert Opoku

Senior Statistical Consultant at Alliance Data Inc

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