How to Make Bad “Karma”

I got my Karma Go back in August of 2015 under their Refuel program with 20 GB of data to start (they had one of their Double Data promotions and I jumped on it). To this day I still have just under 5.30 GB of data left on my plan (I traveled a lot so many folks at the airports connected to my hotspot) with the intentions of reloading with another block of data. I can honestly say that the e-mail I received from Karma really did hit me hard. I am quite disappointed at the fact that they are retiring the Refuel program but what makes me upset is that now I have to pay an extra $3 a month ($36 a year) on top of what I pay for regarding data should I chose to continue with Refuel. The whole purpose of going with Karma was because of their Refuel program and I even recommended some friends to go with Karma.

Thankfully, since I am choosing to OPT OUT of the program, I won’t have to pay the monthly “maintenance fee” and I’ll simply run my data dry. The only question is what do I do with the Karma device once the data is gone. Do I send it back…or do I keep it as a nice paper weight?!


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