My reflection on andela EPIC values

As an aspiring andelan, it’s of utmost importance that I should strive to inculcate the culture that governs its community, subsequently, I would be writing on what I think a person with EPIC(which is an acronym for Excellence, Passion, Integrity, and Collaboration) values should reflect.


I have always believed that one of the most important parts of being excellent is to hate failure, refuse to drown no matter the odds, an excellent person sets high standards, they basically strive for the best performance and know that the best of today is the good of tomorrow.


Passion is a motivating force, its all about having an extra determination to overcome obstacles regardless of rational benefits. Beyond the professional scene passion it has afforded me the ability to tint the way I view the world, it has also sharpened my productivity and efficiency, ensuring that I rarely get bored or tired when I set my heart to do something. It gives me the mentality to not viewing problems as problems but as challenges that can be overcome no matter how long or how hard it takes.


It is an open secret that great men have fallen due to lack of integrity, being a person of integrity is absolutely important in way of gaining the trust of your colleagues and people in general. The society we live in tends to reward dishonesty while it is quite natural and understandable to feel upset and betrayed in such cases, I have come to understand that honesty and integrity are valued more than may seem at the moment. It’s a difficult value to uphold but it has proven over time to be a good virtue to have.


Over time I have come to understand that collaboration is the people or entities working together on different aspects of particular interest to achieve a common goal, the greatest feats have been achieved through collaboration. The most effective collaborators are not much worried about the titles and roles. They are more focused on finding the solutions regardless of who is finding it. A good collaborator also needs to have the ability to lead by example and also e transparent.

In conclusion, these past few weeks as an Andela hopeful has exposed me to the core of these values and I intend to try my best to uphold them.