DevOps Assessment- Assess, Analyse, Implement, Achieve!

My last blog talked about DevOps and How you can get more out of your DevOps with containers. It discussed various possibilities of combining your DevOps practices with containers on-premise and in the cloud and combination of both. Increased ability to deliver applications and services at higher speed, evolving and improving products at a faster pace than in a traditional software development and infrastructure management processes and how this approach enables organizations to better serve their customers are some of the highlights of opting for DevOps. After realising the benefits of making Development and Operations teams work together instead of in siloed environments, organisations are fast opening to the whole DevOps idea.

To move forward in the DevOps journey, you should draw an outline and identify the roadmap and avenues that need improvement. Having a clear idea of maturity of your current IT infrastructure will help you greatly in that process.

What is DevOps Assessment?

In software development and delivery, organizations are trying to adopt DevOps practices. But it is not a one-day process to adopt DevOps practices. And if not done correctly it can do more harm than benefit. So, it is absolutely necessary for any organisation to know if the practices they are following are in line with the DevOps initiative. DevOps assessment is nothing but a set of questions which different personnel from different organisational areas can answer and based on the analysis of the answers you can get an idea if you are moving in the right direction. DevOps assessment will help you outline current maturity and identify roadmap of improvement areas.Read More….

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