April Monthly Update

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opc opcx
Apr 4 · 6 min read

Welcome to this monthly update about the overpowered project. Excuse us for the use of the ‘biweekly update’ picture. The next update this will be changed. We have some updates and announcements to make in this update. After reading this you’re informed of what has happened in the last month.
These are the subjects we will talk about in this update:
- Overpowered store
- BlockDX vote
- Overpowered info graphic
- Shaping the ecosystem
- AI support
- Stakebot
- Giveaway / share bounty

Overpowered store

This month, we have made great progression with searching for the right partner. We are now wrapping up the administrative and technical stuff. Officially, we are awaiting for the final approval of our Overpowered LLC getting accepted to purchase products. Integrating the API from our partner and applying cost/profit schematics might still take a little more time though. With this great progression we can now say we are like 98% finished to release the store. It will be very interesting to see how the store will develop in it’s first period of activity. We don’t have much infrastructure around the store yet to accommodate input from communities, but we do have our own community and a competitive price to offer. We also have the benefit of our Proof-of-Stake system which rewards people that hold our currency in the wallet or a staking pool with an interest, providing that they receive a block reward by staking their coins.

We are behind on schedule on our roadmap, but we have some things ready to be rolled out when the store is finally online. We are working hard on the infrastructure around the store, which will accommodate and reward gamers, streamers and viewers. The people that earn & use the Overpowered currencies will have quick and easy access to the store, and thus the possibility to buy gaming products and gifts of your choice!

BlockDX vote

Last week, Blocknet suddenly decided to hold a vote for which project they should list first. We were assuming it was first come first serve, but with gaining some extra social media attention and extra followers from the vote, it probably was an easy choice to hold a vote for 48 hours. Unfortunately, we finished second to BZX coin so they will be integrated before us. It now depends on the ability of the Blocknet team to handle the integration of OPCX after the integration of BZX. We asked them for a reaction and they set they didn’t set a date yet fort he next integration. We will have to wait for this, as it’s now out of our hands, but we are confident they won’t take too long, as the team came across as quite capable.

Overpowered info graphic

We are working on an info graphic to explain how the Overpowered ecosystem will look like in the future. It’s just an early preview and we left some things out on purpose, as we (communication) are not allowed to name it until it is ready to be named. We hope to give you some overview of the idea we have for shaping the Overpowered ecosystem.

Right from the Overpowered store, we also have the back office which is left out of this image. The products bought in the store, will bring in both OPC and OPCX as ‘income’. After calculation and transactions, there will be a small percentage of profit. Even with the competitive prices for gift cards, there will still be some profit. This profit can be used to benefit the Overpowered community, buying up sums of OPC or OPCX from the exchange. We will keep these two currencies separated as much as possible when it comes to dividing community profits, as they differ a lot from each other like having a different reward setup.

Shaping the ecosystem

The overpowered ecosystem, which is designed to accommodate and reshape the gaming/streaming industry, is finally getting shape. The worth per coin is decided by the interest, usability, coin size, trustworthiness and network use. By accommodating this growing industry in which a lot of money is circulating, we are creating a new sustainable economy to get other worth than just bitcoin and the overall market sentiment. By creating real world use cases, with real world (although digital) products that have ‘real’ worth, earlier named worth indicators are expanded to where we want to be in the future.

Creating economies accommodating certain industries requires a lot of time and work, but our relatively small team of hobbyists and gaming/crypto fanatics are making excellent progress towards our goal. We have also had a few people mention other gaming cryptocurrencies. However, it is our opinion that we aren’t competitors to any of the gaming currencies out there. We accommodate different aspects of the gaming industry and while other projects are focusing on in-game currencies and blockchain applications, we focus on the surrounding industry.

We might be doing the same in the future also, but our plan enfolds in creating/ taking over the surrounding industry first since there is a lot of room for growth there. What is the chance we, or any other gaming cryptocurrency, gets accepted in the next big game? Or in an in game economy? First we will establish ourselves in the industry in the years to come by providing services and direct usability with a user interface that’s appealing to the big public. The overpowered ecosystem will support all big brands and platforms, which makes it beneficiary to all parties involved.

AI support

Since this month, we have an artificial intelligence bot helping us out on the Discord. Playing for police cost us a lot of time, but The Watcher is looking out for all of us now. He can detect and ban scammers/spammers/frauds easily.
The Watcher is also looking out for the team. This self sufficient AI bot can upgrade and maintain itself, while assisting the developers and the rest of the team with simple tasks.

Eventually, it’s purpose is also to complete more difficult tasks such as being the link between the overpowered store and Discord (or even Social media). We can also teach it to learn itself how to be a community staking pool, which would be a great outcome since we came across small issues with our staking bot. We are working hard, now with a ‘baby’ AI on our side, to complete our tasks and bring you the best possible user experience for the Overpowered ecosystem.


With the good developments of the store, we haven’t had time to look at the minor issues with the staking bot. Often, it’s the minor things that take the most effort to solve, but we also have help of a good alternative now, which is The Watcher. This AI bot is now teaching itself slowly how to be the link between the community and an automatized staking pool. In the meanwhile we will check out and try to solve the issues with our staking bot. Whichever is completed first, will be tested by our ‘bot- breakers’ for exploits, bugs etc.

Giveaway / share bounty

As a celebration of all this good news and to welcome our new AI, we will either organize a giveaway or a share bounty in the next week. The benefit of a share bounty are that everyone who participates receives a small prize, the opposite of a giveaway where a few lucky ones receive a bigger prize. Immediately after release of this monthly update, we will start a poll on Twitter and Discord to see which one is more appreciated at the moment by the community.

Thanks everyone for reading this update. We hope we have addressed most of your questions. If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to start a discussion on one of our channels. We welcome all opinions, ideas and other means of commentary!

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