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Feb 5 · 3 min read

Welcome all to a new biweekly update, in this one we have a lot to say. Unfortunately, with all the things that happened in the past two weeks, we have no news about the store or stakebot in this biweekly update, but a lot of other stuff is included in here which requires attention. Enjoy reading and stay updated!

-Wallet update & vote
- Integration
- Exchanges & supporting websites

Wallet update & vote
A few weeks ago the fake-stake exploit came to our attention and our developers immediately took action. They searched and found a fix which we want to implement very soon. Chain security is very important and we take this matter very serious. We have had contact with exchanges and prepared the fix, for which a mandatory wallet update was needed. Everyone needs to download this new wallet when it comes out.

With this update also came some other possibilities, such as restyling the wallet and adjust the masternode collateral. As we value the opinion of our community, we made a poll on twitter and discord to see what you all think. The results were quite overwhelming, since a lot of people voted to raise the masternode collateral. On twitter, 35% of the people voted to keep the masternode collateral at 37.500 OPCX and on Discord this was only 15%. Most of the people voted to raise the collateral to 150.000 OPCX or even 300.000 OPCX. We are taking the results in serious consideration and are debating it in the team.

Our design department also made a new wallet design, we hope you guys like the result. Here is a beta design picture of the wallet:

Last update, we were very pleased to announce integration into the blockDX for both OPC and OPCX. This is a decentralized exchange with many features of which the most important one for us is the ability to use atomic swaps. Here you can read a good explanation about atomic swaps: https://blockgeeks.com/guides/atomic-swaps/.

In the last update, we mentioned OPC needs to wait on a code update before it can be integrated. Blocknet’s UAT team already successfully tested integrating OPCX onto their protocol. Atomic Swap tests were completed by trading [OPCX] OPCoinX for [SYS] Syscoin through Blocknet’s DEX dApp BLOCK DX.
Please stay tuned for the official OPCX listing announcement. Blocknet will begin the continuation of coin listing announcements following the mandatory Blocknet wallet and BLOCK DX update.

Exchanges and supporting websites
With our biggest market suddenly closing down, our team immediately took action and sent multiple applications to different exchanges. We want to expand the possibilities to buy and sell our currencies. With the upcoming integration in the BlockDX and atomic swaps we are heading the right way, but we also want to list on more established exchanges. We are very keen on decentralized ones though, since they are less vulnerable to shutdowns and hacks.

OPCX was listed on two supporting websites:

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