Welcome all to a new monthly update for the Overpowered project
In this update we will handle a lot of subjects, some short and some a bit longer. After reading this you are updated about every important thing that has happened in May.

List of subjects for this update:
- Cryptopia
- Exchanges
- Stakebot
- OPC & OPCX code update
- Overpowered store
- MCM Marketplace
- Marketing

We have inquired with Cryptopia as well as the Grant Thornton liquidators. For now, we have to await an answer and it’s probably going to take some time. We have established that the #1 wallet for both OPC & OPCX belong to Cryptopia and are exploring legal ways to get these wallets back to their users. These wallets are unaffected by the hack and should be released as soon as possible, but that’s in hands of the liquidators now.

In the last month we looked out for exchanges more than usual, also to fill in the void that Cryptopia has left behind. We found Insane Exchange, which is a new exchange with cool features like faucets and staking pools. This project is running for quite some time already and we hope to grow together with them!
We also applied for some other exchanges and wanted to get listed at an exchange which has been around for quite some time already. We grabbed a chance with Nova Exchange and because they had a special program running to list ex-Cryptopia coins, we have just been listed there also! While their volume isn’t at a very high point right now, Nova exchange has the potential to handle a lot of volume, just a little bit less than Cryptopia in their good times.

We have to see which other exchanges approve our applications, so there might be a few surprises coming!

The stakebot, which connects your Discord account to an OPC or OPCX address with just a few simple commands, is up and running for about 2 months now. We are really happy with the outcome of this development and we hope you are happy also. It’s a very easy way to join a staking pool and it’s not needed anymore to store it on a VPS or third party staking pool.
A few minor issues came to light, but they were all fixed and they didn’t have any influence on the stakebot itself.

OPC & OPCX Code update
We have now established a good contact with all our exchanges and are confident we can update both codes in the month of June. During May, our developers have worked on the code a bit more to make sure we can have a smooth transition. It’s key to not get any problems during the transition and with this extra attention we are confident it can be done smoothly.

For OPC we have established two updates:
- Reducing the APR from 100% to 5%
- Updated security measures & general code

For OPCX we have established three updates:
- Masternode collateral will be increased to 150.000 OPCX
- Code will be updated to PIVX standards, with one of the biggest developer group among Proof-of-Stake coins
- Updated wallet user interface

Overpowered store
While our developers were working on getting the store up, a minor issue occurred. Every card needs to be added manually and when a card was added, it conflicted with another card. We are working on this issue and have confidence it will soon be solved. Our store developer also has a very busy job, which makes the time he can spend on this project limited. We have other people working on this also, but a lot of time went to exchange contact and some other stuff that is new. We are trying to set a release date now for the store, but we are careful with this because slaying deadlines is not our best skill. This is because time from our developers is limited, but we are very happy to have developers with this level of skill. It’s amazing to see how they code and fix things with ease. We feel our project owes them a lot for the smooth running blockchain and quick fixes when problems occur.

Mobile Pay coin Marketplace
In the meantime we got the chance to add us tot he MCM marketplace, which can be compared to a beginning eBay. It’s an online p2p marketplace where people can buy things for cryptocurrencies and it’s now accepting both OPC and OPCX! We do not want to be limited to our own store and therefore it is also needed to expand and get accepted into other stores/marketplaces. This is a good first step and we hope to get integrated into other platforms as well.
How does the marketplace work:

1. User can buy goods or set up their own marketplace
2. If user sets up their own marketplace, which is very easy, their received coins are send to the marketplace wallet
3. When transaction is received the system makes a note for the shop owner to send goods to the customer
4. When customer has received their product or service they give a confirmation and the received coins are released to the shop owner after 7 days to avoid any scams or issues found in more known marketplaces.

In the next two months we will engage with streamer communities and organize a few social media giveaways. We hope you all want to participate to ‘earn’ some free OPCX and spread the word to more people!
We have a plan to slowly lead volume to the store once it’s released. There’s added value for many parties to be found here and the project’s marketing team has it all mapped out. We have full confidence in our project and want to let others project the same to the outside world. Once our setup nears completion it can really be a nice self sustaining ecosystem that creates more worth once more people use it. It can earn you discounts, cheaper gift cards and thus cheaper (in)game items/accessories. It’s also a lot easier as it removes the payout and usability threshold. As it is now, viewers can donate to streamers, but third parties control the funds and sometimes there’s a need to reach a certain amount before you can pay out your earned coins/money. With OPC/OPCX you can trade/donate/consume/earn interest whenever you want.

See you all at the next monthly update and keep an eye on our social media pages!




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