On wealth.

  1. Dream is free. Hustle is sold. Except inherited, it’s never been easy becoming/staying rich legally or illegally.
  2. Don’t beef (despise) rich people. You can’t emulate someone you despise. It’s hard becoming rich. It’s hard staying rich.
  3. Wealth gives you more resources, goodwill, access and confidence. This is why the rich gets richer.
  4. There is a price for being poor. Lack of knowledge, ambition and self-belief. You just want to live. Survive. No time for dreaming big. This is why the poor gets poorer.
  5. You do not necessarily need to roll with wealthy people to become wealthy. But you need to learn from them in any way you can. Books, shadowing, mentorship etc
  6. Most wealthy people do not think highly of the poor. They forget the curse of No. 4.
  7. You might come from a culture that demonizes ambition and excess wealth. You need to liberate your mind. Your world needs people with ambition to create and improve on everything around us. Why can’t it be you? Excessive wealth doesn’t mean you have to spend it all on yourself. Ask Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Zuckerberg. You can be like them.
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