09/07 AMA with Piotr! Aleo

Aleo is a platform for private applications using zero-knowledge cryptography.

  1. Community Updates:
    — There are a lot of scammers everywhere, please be aware of them and stay safe!
    — Please tag Viv in the chat only if your DM wasn’t answered in 24–48 hrs (might take longer on the weekends)
  2. — Ambassador Application form will be opened on the September 20th at 12 pm ET! It will be similar to the round 2 so prepare your Aleo resumes with all the contributions!
    — The list of people who will automatically become Maestros and Apprentices will be announced beforehand.
  3. — You can now retweet tweets automatically from┃tweets channel!
    — Don’t forget about the ongoing┃competitions about ZK use cases!
    — The team will hosting a hacker house in Berlin (September 11–15) and a developer workshop in Bogotá (October 13)!
  4. Aleo Snaps Presentation:
    — Piotr is a software engineer who participates in the Grants program! He’s built an Aleo wallet using new Metamask Snaps!
  5. — Those Snaps basically allow users to write a JavaScript package and deploy it to the Metamask wallet: https://github.com/MetaMask/SIPs. Snaps can expand compatibility and improve user experience!
  6. 1. First, you can connect your Metamask to Aleo Snaps: Give permission to use this software and Install Snap (open your private key).
    2. Then you can Create your Aleo account in Metamask.
    3. Also you’ll be able to Recover your account (just like Exporting account in metamask)
    4. You’ll be able to Sign messages with Aleo Snap. (I highly suggest you to watch Demo presentation once it’s out!
    — This Wallet is only compatible with Testnet 2 at the moment,
    — 1st version of Metamask Snaps should be out in Q1 next year!

More information about Aleo: Website | Twitter | Discord




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