Arizona’s “Team of Rivals”

An Independent, a Republican, and a Democrat walk into a meeting. No, it’s not a punch line to a joke. Instead, it is a very real sight at Open and Honest Coalition meetings in Arizona.

In a time where Presidential candidates are relying on anger, division, and microtargeting to muster support, Arizona’s most unlikely coalition of reformers are focused on something else — bringing people together. It is counter to the current narrative of national and state politics, and in many ways it was lot harder that it sounds.

To call this coalition diverse would be an understatement. It is made up of Independents, Republicans, Democrats, Latinos, African Americans, Metro-Phoenix, Tucson, Rural, people who have lived in Arizona a few years, and people who have lived in Arizona their entire lives. Many of the members of the coalition have been on opposing sides on key issues and several have actually faced off head-to-head in hard fought candidate election contests.

In the past, insults were thrown. Attacks were taken personally.

Now, these former rivals stand together on a stage to promote reform — Open and Honest Elections. �