Building OAC 2017 Programming!

At the OAC we believe that designers can help those intentionally excluded from the decision making table. We can use our privileged knowledge of codes, policies, and investment systems to help community groups advocate for themselves. This is how we will support the designers committed to socially just, engaged design in 2017.

We can’t accomplish this without you. Every donation counts. Make your donation today to help us reach a groundswell of support of 1000 donors. Your gift is more than a gift; the Open Architecture Collaborative will leverage your support to reach new funders and position the OAC for future funding opportunities.

We are thankful for your continued support over the past two years and look forward to your participation in creating a just and supportive 2017! Here is a full infographic of the why, how and when for OAC activities.

You can help build these programs. Visit our donation page to join the 2000 others supporting the development of these programs.

Please do tell us if you want to get involved in any phase of this timeline!

Visit our website to donate today!

Thanks to Megan Jett for the design of this infographic!

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