The eScience of Battery Research

Jul 20, 2016 · 9 min read
Fig. 1. Pesaran et al. (2011) on Computer-Aided Engineering for Electric Drive Vehicle Batteries (CAEBAT).

New Materials

Battery Cells

Fig. 2. Smith et al. (2015) on Parameter Identification of multi scale models.

Battery Systems

Fig. 3. Monitoring Laminated Busbar by Mersen (reported by Yole Development 2016)


Fig. 4. Digitalization of battery R&D across the value-chain: influential simulation software and data repositories. Illustrations from Cheng et al. (2015), Franco (2013) and Faguy (2015).


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OpenBatt’s mission is to simplify data-sharing for battery research collaborations. #OpenInnovation #eScience

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