OpenStreetMap Data Import

Over 4,000 features imported from OpenStreetMap

I’d like to share a more technical news. I recently did some batch imports, bringing climbing-related data from OpenStreetMap into OpenBeta. Wowza! There are over 4 thousand features with “sport=climbing” tag in Europe and North America (other parts of the world coming soon). Thank you OSM community! I’m hoping to build a UI for streamlining the editing and syncing between OSM and OpenBeta.

Here’s how I manually import the data:

1. Bulk Download OSM datapoints with sport=climbing tag via Overpass API.

tool query-overpass

2. For each feature (Point) determine whether it is a single climbing route or a climbing area/crag/sector — If it’s the latter then convert Point into a small Square for future improvement.

tool turf-buffer

3. Load the data file into OpenBeta database.

tool OpenBeta cli


In GeoJson world coordinates are in [longitude, latitude] order whereas Leaflet.js library expects the opposite or [lat, long]. If your data points are missing or ending up in the wrong place check your coordinates order!
You say [lat, long]. I say [long, lat]. Data points in Germany are incorrectly showing up in the Middle East ocean :)

I was moderately successful in Step 2 since there are no conventions for tagging a climbing area vs a single climb. I use the following test to determine whether the feature is a climbing area:

if feature contains both tags, “climbing:grade:.*:max” and “climbing:grade:.*:min” then Yes, convert the drop pin (Point) into a small Square.

What do you think about this approach?

Check out the new map: