You can breathe, O2 has arrived.

One thing we’re learning during this process of developing hardware and resources for self driving DIYers is that there’s a great enthusiasm in the technology from people of all technical backgrounds. In fact, some of our earliest Neo Vision System customers were first-timers that had previously never been involved in a DIY community before; they hadn’t previously visited forums, purchased equipment, or hacked into their cars. They took the leap and they felt comfortable taking the risk because we gave them all the support, resources, and encouragement they needed to break into the autonomous driving greenfield.

We still spend countless hours answering emails, sending instructions, troubleshooting tricky installs, and making custom hardware to help get as many people on board as possible. Even if we’re fixing gear we didn’t make, it doesn’t matter — for the sdc community and the technology to move up the hill, we need as many hands on the boulder as possible. Many people would not be where they are today in many of the established tech fields without a solid community and resources out there to help them get to where they wanted to be. It was essential.

That’s where O2 comes in.

O2 represents the most essential news, information, and hardware to take a technical novice from initial education in the field to experiencing the pride of taking a ride in their own self-driving car. From tutorials, to videos, to kits — O2 is essential in getting as many people connected, learning, and taking that very same leap. You’ll get tips on decoding your car on down to tips on what actuators to use for machine control— we’re covering all the bases you need to know to get up to speed on one of the most exciting fields in tech.

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-Jay (Latimer)