A sneak peek of openBoM formula enhancements and rollups fields

One reason everyone likes Excel and spreadsheets is because they make it easy to calculate a variety of formulas using data cells in a spreadsheet. This is how it usually starts: a little bit of data, some formulas and voila, you have data management solution.

Actually, I hate to burst your bubble, but you don’t have a data management solution. That’s because after some time you end up with a clogged spreadsheet requiring a CEO (Chief Excel Officer) to manage all data entry and the modifications of this spreadsheet. Not cool, not productive, and certainly not data management.

We’ve been evaluating the possibility of creating an openBoM calculation (we call them formula) service for some time. Actually, since the beginning of openBoM’s development using different techniques and approaches. Finally, and at last, the latest production update introduced the first appearance of the edit formula for openBom. Read more, here.

Today I want to give you a small glimpse of where are we’re going with formulas and related stuff. Ssssshhhhh.. don’t tell anybody :) A few enhancements to formulas are coming very soon:

  • Flexible rollups so you can create rollup values for any text or number property in openBOM (exactly the same as for regular formulas).
  • Multiple line formula support so you can apply formula intelligently to all items in a BOM.
  • Intelligent copy / paste with part number recognition and replacement.

The following video gives you an idea of what rollups do and how it works. The video demonstrate how you calculate the total mass of a product designed in Onshape.

Conclusion. Formulas, calculations and rollups will become a powerful tool for every openBoM user. Import your Excel BOM to openBoM, forget about Excel, and never look back. The data in formulas is calculated using product semantics allowing you to change data and the BOM layout dynamically.

Let me know what do you think. Do you have any specific needs regarding formulas and calculations? Please share these with me, reach out to talk or write me.

Best, Oleg @ openbom. com

PS. We should know each other better. If you live in a Greater Boston, please let’s have a meeting (coffee is on me). If you’re located in other places, let’s have a virtual coffee session — I will figure out how to send you a real coffee for our virtual coffee session.