Anatomy of OpenBOM Multi-level rollup

New version of OpenBOM is coming next week. One of the most notable features there is multi-level rollups.

I already shared some info about it in my earlier article. If you missed that, please check it here. Now, the remaining part is to show how it is actually works. I’ve been using the assembly and subassembly BOM I created in my previous blog. Here is an example of multi-level and how it is calculated.

OpenBOM calculates rollup of specific property (eg. cost, mass) buttom up and place rollup for each level on the upper level BOM. You can see it on the picture above cost of screw, wheel and axle (3.2+4.8+2) is combined and placed in the Cost property for Axle assembly (SK1–102) This value (10) used in the next calculation where it was multiplied with Quantity (2) and combined with cost of screw and board on the top level.

The following video demonstrate step by step process how I created multi-level rollup.


In coming version, OpenBOM will provide robust and flexible mechanism to make rollup calculation. The vision of OpenBOM to stay flexible and provide user experience similar to Excels and Spreadsheets. At the same time, OpenBOM provides features that you cannot get from regular spreadsheet. And rollup calculation is a great example of such differentiators.

OpenBOM new release is coming next week and you will be able to use new multi-level rollup mechanism.

Best, Oleg

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