BOM is center of enterprise collaboration

The Bill-of-Materials (BOM) is the lifeblood of all engineering and manufacturing processes. This is somewhat an obvious understatement. Regardless of the type of engineering, manufacturing, or service organization, you always require access to the right BOM to support the design to manufacturing processes, ECO, manufacturing and customer service requests. To have access to the right BOM at the right time is an imperative to enable a quick and agile company of the 21st century.

But the reality of modern enterprise organizations is that systems are siloed. Databases, existing tools, PLM, ERP, CRM… you name it. What we hear from many companies is that “a single giant Excel” is usually the only tool that is capable of stretching and supporting across organizations and provide some level of multidisciplinary collaboration.

I captured the following picture from a tweet shared at the Dassault System conference a few days ago: the BOM is at the center of enterprise collaboration:

This slide resonates very much with the ideas and technologies openBoM is developing.

In addition to placing everyone “on the same BOM”, openBOM provides a collaboration tool to share data instantly and communicate in real time with people in different organizations and locations.

The following video gives you an idea how an engineer and supplier can work at the same time finalizing design and planning the procurement process. The key thing here to note is that openBoM technology does not block each user from performing their work.

Conclusion. openBOM provides cloud based data management technologies for global collaboration going beyond the boundaries of organizations, firewalls, SQL databases and other existing tools. Try openBOM and tell me what do you think.

Best, Oleg