Casual chat with openBoM users:

Jackson King, President of Rock Ridge Design & Control Systems

A famous statement attributed to Henry Ford says, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Let’s put aside the question if Henry Ford actually said that. In writing my Beyond PLM blog last year, Engineers are not asking about cloud and it’s okay I discovered that the real problem with horses wasn’t speed, but rather, horseshit. It was about flies, disease, smell, dried manure dust, the mire of soaked manure, cruelty to horses, horse related traffic deaths, and so on.

What I learned from that story is understanding what customers want takes time and passion. When we started openBoM, I spent lot of time speaking to 100+ companies about how they use engineering and manufacturing software, how they collaborate, and exchange data. What drove our passion the most was learning about engineering digital habits which helped us develop a better openBoM.

Since then, conversations with users remain a first priority for us. Today I want to introduce a new blog category I’ll be writing on occasion about: casual chat with users.

In these posts we will share our conversations with users about how they work, what their habits are using software, and how they use openBoM. You may want to think about it as an improvised “reality show”.

Today I’m chatting with Jackson King of Rock Ridge Design & Control Systems. Jackson has a passion for learning new things and how new products can help him with his daily engineering and manufacturing practice. Here’s the video of that chat:

Conclusion. The revolution in engineering and manufacturing software comes in the form of new habits enabled by a modern digital world of ubiquitous cloud and mobile technologies. This is a world where the focus on improving everyday tasks using technology promotes engineering efficiency and inspires engineers to do a better job, everyday. openBoM wants to listen and learn from our user how best we can help them achieve that.

We look forward to future chats with our users. Stay tuned…


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