First look - OpenBOM BOM Views

Yesterday, I shared with you more details about new Part and BOMs integrated user experience in OpenBOM. Check my earlier blog for more information. Today, I want to show you OpenBOM Views — application feature that was significantly enhanced during the last product release.

The idea of OpenBOM Views goes back to the one of the most fundamental requirements we’ve heard from our users for very long time — the need to share data in a granular way between users in the company, contractors and suppliers. Imagine the situation when BOM is serving 3 distinct group of people — engineering, sales and contractors. View will be able to separate information you going to share between them in a logical form.

Check my earlier blog about Views for more details

In the last release of OpenBOM, we introduced a first portion of View functionality — user default views for BOMs and for Part Catalog. By using this feature, you can always apply a custom view to any BOM and catalog- properties defined in the view will be presented in the order predefined in this View.

Today, I want to show you a simple scenario of working with OpenBOM view. Let me start from a simple Part List created from Onshape assembly. As you can see, it contains a typical set of properties I’m extracting from Onshape.

Since the design is not finished yet, I want to create a View that will represent few important properties for now and eliminate other properties. In order to do so, I’m navigating to OpenBOM view administration menu (located in the dashboard panel) and run View Configuration.

Here is my result — I configured 4 properties to be included into a view and I also defined the order of properties.

Once, the work is done, I can get back to BOM, refresh my browser and to enable View in BOM user interface. Since that moment, BOM layout will be changed and switched from default one to layout I defined in View configuration.


View and View configuration soon will become a key infrastructure element of OpenBOM. The initial level of granularity in BOM we developed was limited to BOM with properties. With an introduction of View, we are going to take OpenBOM to a new level. Now, user will be able to define a subset of information and visualize and (in the future) share between different users and companies.

Let me know what you think. If you have ideas how to improve Views, please don’t be shy and reach out to me via oleg @

Best, Oleg

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