First preview of OpenBOM Drawing Support for Solidworks

Heads up… support for Solidworks Drawings is coming to OpenBOM integration with Solidworks. You’ve been asked for that feature many time. As you know, OpenBOM can be connected to an external cloud storage (eg. Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and others). It allows you to upload data from Solidworks — native CAD files and files transformed into neutral file format (eg. 3D PDF or PDFs).

Watch one of our earlier videos how you can save 3D CAD files from Solidworks into Dropbox.

I wanted to share some great news. In the next OpenBOM release, Solidworks add-in will collect not only CAD assemblies and parts, but also drawings. It can be very useful for the situations when you need to share drawings with contractors and suppliers.

Here is how it will work.

New setting dialog will have an option to include Drawings into BOM. As you can see on the picture below OpenBOM is configured with Dropbox and will be sending CAD files and drawings to BOM.

Here is an example of Assembly with Drawing in Solidworks.

This assembly is part of caster wheel assembly. When BOM is generated for that assembly, you can see that link to the drawing is automatically included into BOM and Solidworks drawing is automatically converted into PDF and set to Dropbox.

I think , it is pretty cool. Click on drawing link will navigate you to Dropbox (in my case), but it can be any cloud storage (Google, Microsoft of custom company storage).

The following video shows you a very brief example of user experience. User can navigate from OpenBOM to a Solidworks drawing in PDF format stored in your Dropbox account.


To have automatic drawing extraction together with Bill of Materials is pretty cool. BOM is the best contextual data set where drawings and other related design data can be connected. OpenBOM real time sharing of data combined with automatic connection to drawings is an excellent way to share data with contractors, suppliers and machine shops. You don’t need to do amy manual steps now — data is available online in the cloud while you’re continue to use your familiar Solidworks tools. A great example of pragmatic digital transformation.

More videos and examples will come later. If you have questions, please reach me out.

Best, Oleg

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