First preview: OpenBOM View Filters

I’m super excited about some of the most fundamental changes we’ve made in OpenBOM data management since the time we introduced user defined views — view filters. This absolutely stunning functionality will allow you filter data displayed in the the day dynamically based on a specific set of properties (and yes, properties are completely flexible — you can define whatever you need).

So, here is how it looks like. Imagine you have a BOM with parts. Some parts are standard and must be ordered. Some other parts are custom made and engineered in house. You would like to define a view to be shared with procurement department to see a BOM with only standard parts.

This is a BOM with all parts:

And this is a filter that I defined in View called “Standard Parts”

By switching view or sharing a specific view with a person in your team, you can define what this person will see. Engineers can continue to work on this BOM and define customer parts. At the same time, procurement planner will have a clean view with ONLY parts that need to be ordered.

The following video can give you some more information how view filters are defined and view can be switched.


Filter function in user defined view is a super power that is going to enabled so many scenarios in OpenBOM. Think about role-based data sharing, BOM effectivities, concurrent RFQs, configurations and many other applications. More about it later, but meantime feel free to ask more questions. The functionality will be coming soon in the next OpenBOM production update. Stay tuned.

Best, Oleg

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