Graph database Boston meetup: Bill of Materials and Neo4j

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We live in a connected world in which everyone and everything is connected and immersed in information. We create, share, and consume information. The idea of connecting together manufacturing companies with disparate databases, collaborating via email attached Excel spreadsheets, was the visionary driver behind the founding OpenBOM.

OpenBOM helps you simplify data management by providing an intuitive spreadsheet-like user experience, a flexible data model, the capture of a history of changes, and the support of real-time collaboration between people and organizations. Moreover, one of the most powerful features of OpenBOM is the ability to build relationships with, and glean intelligence from, data in OpenBOM. Everything is connected in OpenBOM and this information is used to generate business value for all OpenBOM customers.

We were delighted to present at the Boston Graph Database meetup. A big thank you to Eddy Wong and Karin Wolok for making it happen, and of course, to Neo4j for hosting us.

Below, you can take a look at the slides from the presentation:

The first part of our presentation speaks about the reality of global manufacturing and provides a high-level view of the Bill of Materials collaborative model and the OpenBOM architecture. Polyglot persistence is a fancy term that explains how companies these days are using multiple databases as tools to gain maximum advantage from data management techniques to better serve their global community of customers and users.

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The second part of the presentation discusses Graph database use cases and presents a few examples of Neo4j models which demonstrate some OpenBOM capabilities.

Conclusion. We were thrilled by the number of questions asked and interest shown by Meetup attendees regarding Bill of Material management and the application of graph technologies on them. As mentioned by one attendee, all manufacturing companies are living through the problem of BOM management and graph data intelligence. If you are interested to learn more, please reach out to me at oleg @ openbom dot com. I’ll be happy to share more details and experience.

Thank you, Oleg @ openbom.

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