How to manage BOM compliance using openBoM

Compliance certification is one of those topics that is often overlooked by engineers and manufacturing companies. The importance of compliance has increased significantly in the last decade and today has become an area manufacturing companies are investing in. Lost of certification can often have dramatic outcomes impacting product availability in specific markets, regulatory environments, and with competitiveness.

The GrabCAD blog article Designing a New Hardware Product? You Need to Know About Compliance Certifications! provides a good jump start into the topic of compliance and certification. Read the article for more details.

Certifications marks are on almost every product today — even if you’ve never noticed them before.

There are different ways to certify products; loads of books and articles have been written on the topic. However, one of the most important requirements for certifying your product is managing the data related to certification. Let’s take RoHS certification and compliance as an example. To make your product compliant, you must manage specific information about the parts in your product. This is where openBoM and its flexibility can be very helpful.

It all starts from parts. In openBoM, parts are managed in inventories (soon to be renamed as ‘part catalog’). As you create and organize a part catalog, you can check mark parts as “RoHS” compliant. You can use the openBOM checkbox property for doing so. Along with having added other properties to Part definition.

As a next step in the workflow, you can make the RoHS compliant parts visible in a BOM by assigning and adding inventory attributes to a BOM. As a result, you always have access to information about RoHS compliant parts in your Bill of Materials.

Keep in mind that changes to the part catalog assigned to your BOM are automatically reflected therein. openBoM helps you maintain up-to-date compliance information in your BOM and your certifications in good standing.

Conclusion. Compliance certification starts with data management. Having all the necessary information about parts and access to that information within a BOM is an important first step in compliance management and certification. openBOM helps you with that. Please share your practices of compliance certification and management with me. I’d be happy to discuss them with you and help you understand how we can make openBoM better suited your needs.

Best, Oleg

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