It takes eight minutes to start using openBoM and Onshape

One of the things which inspired us to start openBoM is the transformation “cloud technology” has brought to the world of engineering software. In my early days of working with CAD and PDM software, I had to install them from floppy disks in addition to configuring servers. Imagine that!

Complexity is a barrier to adoption and a big reason preventing engineers from adopting new technologies. Several years ago, I outlined the main reasons why people prefer spreadsheets to manage their data: simplicity, flexibility, ease of data ownership, and ease of transfer.

Read more on a post I wrote eight years ago: Why do I like my PLM spreadsheets.

As much as engineers like their spreadsheets, in time, they grow to hate them. In another blog post I wrote, PLM spreadsheets: from odes to woes, you’ll find out why: spreadsheets become complex quickly, one cannot change them easily without ‘breaking’ something, accessing with certainty the “latest” Excel both a problem and challenge, and management of history and changes is hard and time intensive.

When I started work on openBoM, I talked to hundreds of people learning how they use CAD, PDM, and PLM software. We found things have practically remained the same for five to ten years without change! Excel and Google Spreadsheets are easy to start off with; but eventually complexity kills their allure. PLM systems have moved to the cloud, but existing concepts and paradigms remain the same — that’s been my take-away.

At openBoM we want to provide the means for every engineer to have an easy and painless start without the complexity of software installation, configuration, and implementations. And avoid the complexity which plagues and kills the practicality of spreadsheets. This is one reason we believe — and adopted — multi-tenant cloud software: to make a lasting difference for engineers and others in manufacturing companies.

Today we announced the new openBoM integrated cloud app for Onshape. Read the press release — openBoM Expands Onshape BOM Management Capabilities. The combination of openBoM and Onshape provides a unique demonstration of how one can be productive on cloud software in a very short period of time.

During the weekend, I captured the process of how to create new accounts for both Onshape and openBOM and start using the openBoM integrated cloud app to manage Bill of Materials and share it with contractors and supply chain engineers. In eight minutes!

Here’s the video I captured of the eight minutes:

Conclusion. The video speaks for itself. You can start using openBoM (and Onshape) as easy as creating an account for Google email. No installation or configuration is required. Best of all the learning curve is nearly flat: the openBoM paradigm is similar to using spreadsheets.

Give openBoM with Onshape a try today and tell me what do you think.

Best, Oleg

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