openBoM at Bolt VC Hardware Startup Meetup

Earlier this week, openBoM sponsored a Boston Hardware Startup Meetup at Bolt VC.

The amount of hardware startups is growing. In response to this, Bolt VC is a Venture Capital firm designed for Hardware. According to Ben Einstein, a partner at Bolt, now is the best time to start a hardware company. On his latest blog, “Stop saying hardware is hard”, he talks about it:

I hear the phrase “hardware is hard” dozens of times a week. Repeating this cliche misses both the point and the opportunity. If we want to live in a world of autonomous cars, consumer space travel, and a green energy grid (I know I do) we have to stop defining hardware by its difficulties. The truth is, it has never been easier to start a hardware company. Why is this phrase so common?

We had an opportunity to introduce openBoM to the Bolt Meetup audience.

If you’re interested, have a look at the presentation we shared with the audience, here.

Also, here’s a video demo of our new openBOM integrated app for Onshape, which we shared for the first time in a public forum at the Bolt Meetup:

At openBoM we like hardware startups. A Bill of Materials (BOM) is one of the core elements which define manufacturability and cost of the product, often mismanaged. Poor BOM management can lead to potential errors and fatal mistakes a hardware startup can ill afford to make.

At first, it’s easy to start BOM management using Excel or Google sheets, but as the complexity of a product grows, so does the complexity and task involved with managing a BOM spreadsheet. Indeed, a hardware company can quickly find themselves in spreadsheet hell. We believe openBoM is a better alternative to Excel and Google spreadsheet. Here’s why:

Conclusion. If you are hardware startup, come and talk to us about your BOM and inventory management challenges. We will listen and love to see how we can help.

Best, Oleg

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