openBoM: Creating Part Catalogs for Onshape and a broader connection to contractors and suppliers

One of the things many of our users have asked us about is how openBOM can help them manage part catalogs. The idea behind part catalog is very simple: if you use Parts in different BOMs, you would like that data about the part will be shared and displayed cohesively in all BOMs.

openBoM accomplishes this with the Inventory module (Part catalogs). It allows you to create shareable catalogs and use these parts in multiple BOMs. In the last openBoM production update, we started to automate the process of helping engineers create a Part catalogs. Our first integration is with Onshape. Today you can use the Onshape openBoM integrated app to create Part catalogs from an Onshape Part Studio.

This short videos shows you how to create a parts catalog in Onshape.

So, why do we think this is a big deal? Because this feature creates a step towards closing the design and supply chain loop between what engineers do and the ability to bring correct and validated component data into a BOM. openBoM Inventories (Part Catalogs) allows you to create them in a collaborative way by sharing them with the right people. In such way, you can collaborate with contractors and suppliers helping you develop components, assigning Part Numbers and bringing in the right information to engineers working on the overall multi-disciplinary BOM together.

Conclusion. Do you like what you’ve seen? I hope so. We are looking how to integrated more Part Catalog functions in openBOM and as a result to create a collaborative process between engineers to contractors and suppliers. Let me know what do you think.

Best, Oleg