openBoM Linked Data and future of RESTful cloud integrations

Manufacturing is getting more complex and so are the relationships between companies; OEMs, suppliers, contractors and customers. As much as founding PLM dreamers hoped to have a single big PLM system solving a problem for a company, the vision wasn’t materialized. The reality for a company is multiple systems, databases, emails and zillions of Excel spreadsheets.

Even more, as we think about all companies, working together including contractors and suppliers, a single system cannot keep up with the original vision. Moreover, existing PLM technologies are not capable of keeping companies working together. The question of integration is one of the most important and challenging for manufacturing companies these days.

I captured an excellent slide from presentation of Prof. Martin Eigner (Thanks Jos Voskuil for sharing it in his tweet). It presents a wide scope possible technologies for integration.

The one I specifically like is called “Fully Linked Data model based on REST technology. This model keeps information linked and connected to multiple silos of information between OEMs, suppliers, CMs and individual contractors. Here’s the pic:

The idea of fully linked data resonates. The vision of openBoM is to link and not to sync data between multiple system. In such a way, users can get an access to updated information and people can share the same information between multiple companies and locations.

One of tech differentiators of openBoM is to have a capability to share data on a granular basis between users.

Conclusion. New cloud and data management technologies allows the building of completely new types of solutions which eliminate unnecessarily data synchronization and allows the sharing of data instantly between companies and people. Tell me how you sharing data today. Are you still using Excel spreadsheets to export data and send it to suppliers and contractors?

Check out openBoM today, and tell me what do you think!

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