openBoM silobreaker for distributed manufacturing

Manufacturing is more complex and distributed than ever. Companies now face unprecedented levels of competition due to globalization, diversity in customer requirements, demand for innovation, development speed, and cost pressures. To cope with all these pressures, manufacturing should and must think differently.

Diego Tamburini, an Autodesk Manufacturing Industry strategists, is exploring manufacturing processes and work practices that can help companies deliver against the pressures I mentioned above. Navigate to the following article by The Manufacturer, Successfully satisfying new market demand. Among all the important things mentioned in the article, my attention was caught by the following topic: Satisfy Fragmented Demand. Here’s the passage:

Manufacturers must position themselves to satisfy a demand that is fragmenting due to shifts in demographics and calls for more personalisation. Mini Cooper is a great example of this in practice, offering hundreds of customisation options which are manufactured by BMW on demand.

Distributed manufacturing is about having a network of (smaller) factories strategically distributed to better satisfy the requirements of local markets. These distributed factories could either manufacture the entire product or add late differentiation to a partially assembled product coming from another factory in the network.

Demand for distributed work is growing. This is something we at openBoM recognized and acknowledged as a strategic driver of innovation. For example, we developed openBoM to leverage cloud and new data management technologies to support the work of distributed teams.

openBOM solves one key problem that exists in many engineering and manufacturing organizations: silos. Consider distributed manufacturing operation, engineering and contractors; they typically use different software packages to manage engineering and manufacturing. Even if a company is lucky enough to afford the use of a single PLM system, chances are multiple manufacturing sites aren’t using it. After all, it’s typical that data is siloed and can hardly be connected together. To have a network of complex siloed organizations and facilities can be, and usually is, an IT nightmare. And I’m not even going to mention the challenges of manufacturing joint ventures and collaboration between multiple OEMs.

openBoM is the ultimate silobreaker™. It gives you and organizations the power to share BOMs, which is are the lifeblood of engineering and manufacturing processes between individual engineers, teams, and contractors. The following video gives you an idea of how a BOM can be shared between what would otherwise be siloed people:

Conclusion. The demand for networking in the manufacturing world is huge. The days when engineering and manufacturing was done in a single location (or single facility) are over. Multiple companies, contractors, engineers and manufacturing facilities are all connected together. They cannot do overcome their manufacturing challenges efficiently without software tools which follow the same paradigm. Do you want to learn more and discuss how openBoM can help you and your organization? Reach out to me. I’d love to talk to you.

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