openBOM Team Subscription can help you share BOMs with your team

The days when manufacturing required a single large shop or was concentrated in a single location are over. Everything is distributed these days. Even a small manufacturing business can easily be located in different countries — engineering in U.S and Europe, manufacturing in Asia, supply chain and subcontractors around the world.

As a result, we thought about BOM as the lifeblood of engineering, manufacturing and the supply chain process; we aimed to make openBoM able to collaborate across distributed manufacturing networks. The first thing needed for collaboration is having the ability to share data easily and quickly with others.

Any BOM in openBoM can easily be shared by clicking the “Share” button with anyone with an openBOM account using their email. So, sharing is fast and easy. But the act of sharing a BOM requires one to actually do so. Although you can register to openBoM and use it for free, you might be interested to learn the openBOM Team Subscription gives you a better way to share data using the Team Sharing mechanism. Here’s how new users are created by a team admin:

Let me now show you how Team sharing can help you share BOMs with a team of people using Onshape and openBoM. When you’re an openBoM Team Admin (requires the Team Subscription), it’s easy to create accounts for all members of your team. Just remember you need to mark the “Team sharing” option when you create a new user (you cannot change it later, so if you didn’t select it, delete user and create a new one it again). From now on, every BOM created by one of the Team members will be shared automatically.

This has a huge positive impact on how it will make everyone’s life easier in Onshape and openBoM. Every BOM created in Onshape, will be automatically shared. No more annoying messages asking to provide access to a BOM when you shared an Onshape document and forgot to share the BOM(s)!

No more seeing these pesky access request messages:

Conclusion. The Team subscription offers Team Sharing which simplifies the way BOMs created in Onshape are shared with other members of the team using Onshape. Moreover, if part of your team is not using Onshape, you have a direct link from the BOM to the Onshape part (Part will be available read only if you configure Onshape to give access to those without an Onshape account). Let me know what you think!

Best, Oleg