openBoM tip: how to create BOM for imported Part Studio in Onshape

If you’re using both Onshape and openBoM together, you might find this practice useful. It can prevent you scratching your head thinking why my BOM is containing all components with Part 1 Name. In many situations you already have the geometry you would like to bring to Onshape. In such a case, you can import the geometry; Onshape does a great job here. But…

Here is painful but. When Onshape is importing Part, it does not creates a Part Studio name based on Filename, rather, it creates Part Name — Part 1. Here are few self explanatory screenshots which illustrate the problem and how to fix it:

Solidworks SLDPRT file to be imported in Onshape
Import Solidworks Part
Import Solidworks Part and turn it into Onshape Part Studio
Imported Part has default name “Part 1” assigned by Onshape
Never insert Part which has default “Part 1” name
Rename “Part 1" part to meaningful name (File Name)
Renamed Part in Part Studio
Insert Part into Assembly
openBoM with correctly named Onshape Part

Conclusion. I suggest you pay attention to part name in Onshape. OpenBoM is using Part Name to generate an initial BOM from Assembly or Part Studio. By applying meaningful Part Names you will insure BOM is correct and not repeatedly crating Part 1 multiple times. I’d like to thank our users who came across this problem and helped us create this tip.

Best, Oleg @

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