openBoM will soon be more visual

As we all know, a BOM is absolutely important. You cannot reliably manufacture most anything without it. Increasing the effectiveness of BOMs is what openBoM is all about. Because we believe a picture is worth a thousand words, we’re adding a bit of visual effectiveness to openBoM.

We’re working on an image property type that is coming soon. Currently openBoM provides the ability to define four property types: number, text, list, and reference. The Image property will be a fifth one you can add to your BOM. A picture above can give you an idea.

The idea behind the new Image property is very simple. You add to your BOM a property type which contains an image. In its first release, you will be able to load JPG or PNG file images.

Here’s a pic of how an Image property is defined:

Once defined, you’ll see the image property in the BOM as you named it. You can define as many Image properties in your BOM as you want. Here’s a short video that gives you a taste of how Image properties will work when available:

Conclusion. We believe a BOM is more effective with images. From our earliest conversations with manufacturing and hardware companies, we were asked if we can include an image preview in a BOM. So we did!

Let me know if you like it and if it’s something you think will be helpful.

Best, Oleg @