Replace multiple distributed spreadsheets with a single BOM

Spreadsheets are the number #1 tool used for BOM management today. Despite the availability of many PDM, PLM, MRP, SCM, ERP systems, Excels or Google Spreadsheets are people’s favorable tool. The reasons people like using spreadsheets are:

Modern manufacturing environment are distributed. Manufacturing companies, contractors, suppliers are all working together; often, continents away from each other. Speed and coordination across distributed environments is important. However, gaining access to the right BOM at any moment in time, especially when most needed, is even more important. We all want to avoid the dreaded, “who and when sent the right spreadsheet and where can it be found?” question. More often than not, the answer isn’t simple.

OpenBoM solves this problem by replacing multiple spreadsheets with a single BOM whilst facilitating communication across distributed working environments. openBoM ensures everyone is literally “on the same page.”

openBoM helps you manage and track BOMs. A history of changes, BOM revisions, BOM relationships, change reports, and more are readily available. openBoM links multiple BOMs into a single connected Bill of Materials available to everyone in the manufacturing network across the globe.

Conclusion. BOM Spreadsheets are no longer needed. openBOM maintains the simplicity of spreadsheets combined with cloud technology which provide you access to a single connected BOM, everywhere and anytime.

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