Sneak peek of openBoM multi-level BOM for Onshape

A BOM can be complex. Sometimes very complex. At times it comes with layers. There are many reasons why we would like to have layers in a BOM, e.g., for product structure, ordering priorities, manufacturing processes, logistic, and so on. Although the openBoM data model was capable of supporting nested BOM structures early on, a frequent request from our users is demand for an ability to create a better multi-level BOM user experience and the means to generate them from CAD systems.

With the last few product updates, we’ve been experimenting with multi-level BOM user interfaces. A huge thanks to everyone who collaborated to help us improve it! Although we are not done, by any means, I want to give you a sneak peek of our new multi-level BOM creation in Onshape. Here is a short video; take a look and let me know what you think:

This is just an example of how you can create a relatively simple BOM from an Onshape assembly. At the same time, the process of multi-level BOM creation is complex and not always going top-down as you’ve seen on the video above. openBOM will support both ways of operating with multi-level BOMs: top-down and bottom-up. Combining a process for the creation of BOMs for suppliers, contractors and outsource services with top-down BOM generation together with BOM sharing technologies, we plan to develop a unique BOM collaboration environment providing live BOM views to all participants in the product development process.

We would like to invite everyone who is interested to learn more to reach me out: we are open for beta experiments and tests. The functionality seen in the video, above, will soon be available in openBOM production ( Stay tuned :)

Best, Oleg