Solid Edge Dropbox collaboration and OpenBOM cloud storage integration

Collaboration is a big deal for users. Your favorite CAD system running on your desktop is likely to run into the painful problem of sharing data and collaborating. Many customers have asked us how to solve it. For the last couple of years, Solid Edge developers took the direction of providing cloud file storage to help users collaborate. Built-in Solid Edge data management supports sharing data on popular cloud -file storage platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Check this Siemens article, Built-in Solid Edge data management.

The Design Manager utility enables you to review and edit properties of multiple files, and to perform revision and release operations on Solid Edge parts, assemblies and drawings. And you can backup, share, and synchronize your Solid Edge files using popular cloud based file sharing software like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and Box.

More information can be found on this Siemens press release from last year, here.

New cloud capabilities provide faster and more flexible deployment options, improved user access and collaboration across remote designs teams. Licenses and user preferences can be stored on the cloud enabling users to access their personal environment anytime and anywhere. Solid Edge ST9 also adds data storage options via cloud-enabled vaulting so users can store and share design data in a controlled manner with external suppliers and customers, using popular software like Dropbox, OneDrive® software, Google Drive™ online storage service and Box. While this allows users to efficiently work online, the option to work locally, i.e. offline, is always available.

At OpenBOM we are also thinking of the value of cloud-based file collaboration. To facilitate this cloud storage based collaboration, we extended OpenBOM with the ability to define reference properties with links to Dropbox, Google drive and other cloud storage tools. Check you this article to learn more, Connecting cloud storage to Bill of Materials in OpenBOM

If you’re using Solid Edge and sharing data using Dropbox, you can create a direct reference to a file from OpenBOM. It can be quite useful and provide direct access to the file for people you’re sharing your design with such as contractors and suppliers. Although, you can do it already, we found this manual process a bit cumbersome. So, we are planning some future enhancements to our Solid Edge integration which will automatically share 3D files to Dropbox and other cloud storage tools. We are looking for people using Solid Edge to share their experience of working with cloud storage.

In the coming week, we will attend Solid Edge University and Developer Days in Cincinnati. More information about the event can be found, here. If you plan to be there, let us know; we would love to discuss how OpenBOM can help you.

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