Using openBoM formulas and rollup with Solidworks BOMs to calculate product cost and weight

I’m very much excited about the new features we just introduced in openBoM: formula and rollup support. If you missed the news and updates check out the following blog posts:

A sneak peek of openBoM formula enhancements and rollup fields

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In addition, you can learn more about openBoM formulas, here.

Today, I want to show you an example of how formulas and rollups can be used together and applied to Solidworks. Cost and Mass are two important values when designing a product. Therefore, having a means to measure and manage them transparently and collaboratively is of huge value. The good news is openBoM offers that to Solidworks users.

I will walk you through a common process in which you will create a simple part list for an assembly in Solidworks, extract the BOM to openBOM, and using Quantity and Weight (a SOLIDWORKS custom property using mass) calculate the assembly weight and cost with the help of openBoM formulas. Here’s the video with the walk-through:

Conclusion. There’s a digital transformation happening in manufacturing. it’s one of the most important trends I see these days. Providing an online collaborative BOM is the outcome of including openBoM in your design process. It makes your process more transparent and connected.

If you’re designing products using Solidworks, working with contractors and suppliers, talk to me. I’d like to discuss how openBoM can help. And I’d like to listen to your feedback to make openBoM even better.

Best, Oleg