The perfectly imperfect relationships #theopenbook

This is perhaps the most complex thing to write about & possibly, one topic that needs a lifetime & still can’t be deciphered to perfection!

Let’s face it. Individuals are not perfect & consequently, nor are relationships. It’s finding the calm in these perfect imperfections that are so critical to your happiness quotient.

  1. You don’t need to have an opinion on everything. Things that have no impact on you shouldn’t bog you down.
  2. Let go. It’s difficult but it’s important. Don’t let incidents linger on.
  3. Respect is key. Constant breach of trust & respect never helps relationships.
  4. Honour personal space & living styles. Being in any relationship is peaceful if you let the other person be who they are & let them have the time & space for things that make them happy.

The relationships that are strongest are the ones that involve warmth, respect & acceptance. Needless to say, nobody drives it alone – it’s a two-way road that requires reciprocation. A lot of times, we try to fix only one side of relationships & ignore the symbiosis. That not just makes it difficult but also unfair.

Think through before you judge & try to fix a relationship for someone. One of the above elements would be missing. Share the onus – there’s no balance without weights on either sides.

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